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Rosehip for skin: All the benefits

Rosehip for skin: All the benefits

Rosehip: Benefits for skin health

Why do we use Rosehip extract in our award-winning skincare? 

1. Fatty acids deeply nourish and hydrate for soft, supple skin

2. Non-greasy and readily absorbed to increase overall moisture levels

3. Aids skin regeneration process to boost skin elasticity and radiance


We've popped into our Magnesium & White Tea Wash and Beauty Sleep Wash with Magnesium and Lavender - it has the same benefits on your body as it does on your face! That's right, we like to multi-task.

Combined with other natural and organic ingredients such as Magnesium, Aloe Vera juice and White Tea extract, it really makes for an award-winning combination. Literally. 

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