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Beauty Sleep Wash

Wash off your day and kick off your bedtime routine with a warm shower and our new Magnesium & Lavender Beauty Sleep wash.

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Nourish your skin, with our new calming and soothing Magnesium & Lavender Beauty Sleep Balm. 

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Our new Beauty Sleep Magnesium Oil is the perfect relaxing blend to use before bed

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Magnesium skincare to soothe, nourish and relax

Our range of Magnesium skincare is all about natural goodness. Filled with only the best ingredients (and no nasties!), it is gentle and nourishing on all skin types and designed to help you look and feel good.

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We Cover the Whole Family

'I couldn't find skincare that I was happy to use on my family. As a Pharmacist I like to read the ingredients labels and found that so many brands would promote that they are "Free from this" and "Free from that" but when you looked closer they would sneakily put things such as Phenoxyethanol or another sulphate not commonly known. I wanted to create a brand built on trust, so people know when they select a TBC product it is a genuine no nasties brand, made using the best natural and organic ingredients available, coupled with the benefits of Magnesium and is the best skincare available for your family.' Our Co-Founder Cassie Sanghvi talking about her vision for The Base Collective.

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Our best selling Magnesium Oil

Made in Australia, our original Magnesium Oil is highly concentrated, all natural and applied directly to the skin.

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