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Beauty Sleep Wash

Wash off your day and kick off your bedtime wind down with a warm shower and our new Magnesium & Lavender Beauty Sleep wash.

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Nourish your skin, soothe your body and calm your mind with our new Magnesium & Lavender Beauty Sleep Balm.

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The extra sleepy version of our best selling Magnesium Oil. Our new Beauty Sleep Magnesium Oil will have you drifting off to dream land in no time.

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1 in 4 Australians are not meeting their daily Magnesium requirements

Recent statistics show that 1 in 4 Australians are not meeting the daily dietary intake requirements to maintain adequate Magnesium levels, and there are some estimates that between 60-80% of the population are actually deficient... it's a problem. The good news is that transdermal magnesium supplementation is a simple and scientifically proven method to raise magnesium levels.

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Highly concentrated, all natural, easy to apply and made in Australia.

The Base Collective's Magnesium Oil delivers you your daily dose of Magnesium in just a few sprays. With no chalky or oily residue, this easy to apply oil can be applied to your stomach daily for a general dose to increase your Magnesium levels, or to specific areas for targeted relief.

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We Cover the Whole Family

'I couldn't find skincare that I was happy to use on my family. As a Pharmacist I like to read the ingredients labels and found that so many brands would promote that they are "Free from this" and "Free from that" but when you looked closer they would sneakily put things such as Phenoxyethanol or another sulphate not commonly known. I wanted to create a brand built on trust, so people know when they select a TBC product it is a genuine no nasties brand, made using the best natural and organic ingredients available, coupled with the benefits of Magnesium and is the best skincare available for your family.' Our Co-Founder Cassie Sanghvi talking about her vision for The Base Collective.

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"Thank you so much, I have been spraying this on my neck and rubbing it onto my temples after reading your blog and it actually works. I usually get headaches at least twice a week and haven't had one for the past month since using your oil."

– Tanya

"After trying everything else to help with anxiety and insomnia, I thought I'd give magnesium oil a try and so far, so good! I use it mainly at nighttime before bed and I find it's helping me get a more restful sleep"

– Victoria

"I've been using the oil for about a week now and the difference is incredible. I used to have to see a physio once a month for an ongoing muscle problem, but I ended up cancelling my next appointment as I was nowhere near as tight! Another bonus is that the founders are from Melbourne and it's great to support a local startup :) Get on it!"

– Judy

"This is gold! I have lived with muscular pain and the occasional cramp for many months. This product is amazing! Pain free! Thank you TBC"

– Rosalie

"Loving this duo, the cream smells absolutely divine and it has stopped my restless legs at night!"

– Henrietta

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