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4 Things You Really Should Know About Us

4 Things You Really Should Know About Us
We're Clean

Our products are genuine 'no-nasties' and full of natural goodness, non-toxic components, and certified organic ingredients where possible.

We use pure Magnesium Chloride sourced from The Dead Sea, so it's safe for those with sulfate allergies.
We're Simple

In our experience, the fewer ingredients a product has, the better for you it is.

That's why we don't include any more ingredients than what's essential for the Magnesium to do its job.

Whatever goes on your skin, goes within.
We're Australian

Melbourne-based duo Cassie and Carly co-founded TBC and remain at the head of the business.

Our products are Australian-made and tested (putting our kids to good use!) - and we intend to keep it that way.
We're Effective

It's hard to find natural products that work, and TBC is a solution to that problem.

Formulated by our very own pharmacist (hi, Cassie!), the multiple 5-star reviews speak for themselves.
Any questions? We'd be happy to answer. Fire away below!

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