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Magnesium Benefits


Magnesium has been linked to over 300 enzymatic reactions (think chemical reactions) in our body, varying from muscle and nerve function, to blood glucose control, to the regulation of blood pressure. Recent statistics show that 1 in 4 Australians are not meeting the daily dietary intake requirements to maintain adequate Magnesium levels, and there are some estimates that between 60-80% of the population are actually deficient... it's a problem.

How can it impact you directly? Here are some of the common conditions that an increase in your daily Magnesium intake may assist with:

- muscle fatigue
- fibromyalgia
- muscle cramps
- sugar cravings
- stress management
- sleeplessness
- cramps associated with pregnancy
- post workout recovery
- pain associated with some surgical procedures

Why use Magnesium OilInterestingly, the body actually absorbs Magnesium via the skin (aka transdermal absorption) more effectively than it does via oral supplements (think powder or tablets). So to increase your daily Magnesium intake, and general wellbeing, you can can simply spray on our Magnesium Oil, rub it into your skin then off you go. No residue, no chalkiness - just naturally good stuff.