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Magnesium and Children

Magnesium and Children

Well known for its calming properties, magnesium is the perfect mineral for those excitable people in your life… your kids. If your little ones struggle to wind down after a long day or fall asleep at night, magnesium can be a lifesaver. Topical treatments are ideal, especially if your kids are fussy when it comes to eating their greens! Whether it’s growing pains or restlessness, your kids can most definitely benefit from a little soothing magnesium.

How much magnesium do children need?
While your child’s magnesium levels are dependent on many factors, there are recommended dietary allowances for each age bracket. According to the National Institutes of Health, the RDIs for magnesium are the following:

0-6 months - 30 mg
7-12 months - 75 mg
1-3 years - 80 mg
4-8 years - 130 mg
9-13 years - 240 mg

Can magnesium improve my child’s sleep?
Every parent knows the struggles faced at bedtime. Sometimes it feels like your kids have enough energy to run around for days on end. So, to soothe them to sleep, try introducing magnesium products around bedtime. As it’s all about creating a calming environment, this crucial mineral is ideal.

Magnesium is involved in over 300 biochemical process throughout the human body, so it’s no surprise it has an impact our ability to sleep. Within the body, magnesium assists in activating the parasympathetic nervous system, responsible for keeping us calm and relaxed(1). It also plays a vital role in regulating the hormone melatonin which controls our sleep-wake cycle(2). To encourage a restful night's sleep for your bub, we recommend introducing magnesium products to your nightly routine.

How can magnesium relieve growing pains?
Now the cause of growing pains is often up for debate. What we do know however, is that growing pains are most commonly located in the legs and feel like a muscular cramp. These uncomfortable pains usually occur in children between 3-5 during growth spurts and then again around the age of 8-12. So how does magnesium come into play? Studies have actually shown that growing pains in children have a connection to magnesium deficiencies.(3) To assist with alleviating this discomfort, we recommend applying topical magnesium to the affected areas, half an hour before bed.

What is the best way to give my kids more magnesium?
While you can try and introduce magnesium enriched foods such as leafy greens, much of this mineral is lost in the digestive process. So, to allow for greater absorption, we recommend topical application, especially for young children.

Start your nightly routine by running a warm bath around half an hour before bed to prevent restlessness. Formulated with natural and organically derived ingredients, our Little by TBC Hair & Body Wash is infused with a good dose of magnesium. Filled with relaxing lavender essential oil and chamomile extract, it’s perfect for calming down before bedtime! Follow up by applying Little by TBC Baby Balm to keep their skin supple and smooth. Apply to any dry areas of their skin, focusing on any areas of discomfort. While you can use our Magnesium Oil on your children, it may tingle. Newborn skin is also extremely delicate, so we don't recommend doing so unless diluted.

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