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Why Magnesium Can Help You Sleep

Why Magnesium Can Help You Sleep

Magnesium - fewer nutritional elements have more influence over the body than this master mineral. Energy production, metabolic health, muscle health, anxiety levels, your mood, stress and heart and bone health are all kept in check by Magnesium, and so is your body’s ability to get a deep and restful nights sleep.

Sleeplessness or insomnia are both common symptoms of magnesium deficiency. They are also both commonly experienced by up to 50% of the population.

The reason that low Magnesium levels can have such an impact on the quality of your sleep is because Magnesium is essential in maintaining healthy levels of GABA – a neurotransmitter that promotes sleep.

Or simply put:

Low Magnesium = Low GABA = Crummy Sleep.

Ongoing research into the benefits of Magnesium have shown that increasing you Magnesium levels can lead to improvements in sleep – especially in supporting deep and restorative sleep. It has also been shown to help those whose insomnia is linked to restless leg syndrome.


Which form of Magnesium is best for sleep?

Most people are familiar with Magnesium tablets however we recommend topical Magnesium such as our Beauty Sleep Magnesium & Lavender Oil when using Magnesium for sleep. This is because you can increase your dosage without risking the common side effects of tablets (nausea, stomach cramps, diarrhoea) and your body will absorb the Magnesium more quickly than when it has to go via the digestive tract


How long before bedtime should I apply my Magnesium?

We recommend at least 20 minutes before bed to allow the Magnesium to absorb into you bloodstream, but up to an hour is optimal. Even better have a nice warm shower about an hour before bed and then apply your Magnesium Oil or Balm.


Where should I apply my Magnesium and how much?

For sleep we recommend the stomach and lower half of the body. Start with 2-3 sprays and if you find you are not getting the improvements you want you can increase your dosage to what works for your body. If it is your first time using Magnesium Oil spray you may find it tingles on your skin. This is completely normal and can be managed by starting with a smaller dose and working you way up or applying over a moisturiser until your skin has desensitised.



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