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Why is White Tea Extract perfect for good skin health?

Why is White Tea Extract perfect for good skin health?

Sure, White Tea is a common flavour enjoyed by many...

but did you know its extract is an extraordinarily underrated natural ingredient for skin health?

The healing benefits of White Tea has been known for years and has even been labelled 'the tea of eternal youth'.


But what makes it so special?

1. Powerhouse of antioxidants

These little guys fight against free radicals and repair damaged skin cells caused by environmental aggressors such as sun damage and weather exposure!


2. Younger-looking skin

Rejuvenates skin to look firm, plump and younger for longer!


3. Anti-inflammatory properties

Reduces redness and inflammation for a more even skin tone!


We've blended White Tea Extract with a combination of other natural ingredients in many of our products just for this reason. Are you after a new body wash that thoroughly cleanses and nourishes your skin without drying it out? Try our ph balanced Magnesium & White Tea Wash in 500ml or 350ml. Or, if you're looking for luxurious moisturiser that cares for your skin with deep hydration, our Magnesium & White Tea Body Balm is the perfect addition to your daily skincare routine.

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