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Run down? Our Top 5 Pick Me Ups

Run down? Our Top 5 Pick Me Ups

It's only a few weeks back into the everyday routine and we fall in a heap - well my lot have anyway. Picture coughs, runny noses and general exhaustion.

So I wish there was a miracle cure I could share with you, but I can let you know the Top 5 things I do to try keep these episodes to a minimum and get everyone back on track - myself included!


This strange looking plant really works wonders, It's known for its anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory (1) properties and I use it especially when we are run down. There are so many ways you can use turmeric but I love adding just a small cube to our juices to help fight off those nasties. If you pair it with citrus such as orange my kidlets don't even notice the flavour. My other favourite thing at the moment are Tumeric Latte's. In an ideal world I would have time to make them from scratch, but the world sometimes isn't ideal! I recently found this amazing blend from Midas Cup, not only do I love its flavour, its also packed to a pharmaceutical grade and therefore you are guaranteed it's not cross contaminated with any gluten or dairy if these are an issue for you - I've been having one heaped teaspoon in a warm glass of coconut milk and I'm not missing my dirty instant coffee habit #winning.


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Ginger, another strange looking plant, is also a staple in our household. I first came to appreciate it's benefits many moons ago as my husband loves it in his chai, so especially when we are run down I will grate fresh ginger into our Tea to help boost the immune system. It is known to exhibit a variety of biological activities including anticancer, anti-inflammation, and anti-oxidation (2) - can't go wrong, not to mention it packs a nice punch to the humble cup of Tea. 


Magnesium Bath.

Yep Magnesium again. But seriously it's worth a mention.  Low levels of magnesium (Mg) are associated with chronic inflammatory stress (3) A nice soak does wonders to help raise those Magnesium levels and it also promotes a restful nights sleep which brings me to my next point.



Do I need to say more?

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Bone Broth.


The overall health benefits of Bone Broth are impressive, and worth mentioning are the anti-inflammatory and immune boosting properties. What's not so impressive is the effort required to make this wonder Broth. 24 hours of simmering and not to mention the smell. Fair to say it doesn't get made much in our house! Not to worry....that is why some super clever people created Broth Bliss.  They've literally done all the hard work for you and these sachets of goodness are amazing. I use them anywhere I would use stock - think soups, Bolognese the list goes on! Add one of these to your next humble Spag Bol and I guarantee you will feel super proud that you totally snuck that into your family's favourite meal without them noticing. High Five You!

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