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Migraines and Magnesium


Migraines. The Queen B of headaches. Unfortunately these babies run in my family and while I’m lucky enough to only have them once or twice a year, when they do hit, both they and I are decidedly unpleasant.

Over the years, like any migraine sufferer, I have tried many different things to relieve the pain and reduce the frequency of onset. Pain killers are obviously numero uno.

Mine tend to start with a fuzziness in my eyes followed closely by nausea, so as soon I sense that I’m onto Nurofen and then as quickly as I can into bed. Massage, acupuncture and chiro have definitely helped and I suspect have played a key part in the reduction of the number of migraines I tend to get. However more recently, I’ve started adding a new migraine management technique to my repertoire – Magnesium.

You’d think I would have realized much earlier in the game that Magnesium is actually a recognised form of migraine treatment. According to an article published on the National Centre for Biotechnology Information[1], there are sound arguments that every migraine sufferer should be treated with Magnesium, particularly given the high number of those experiencing migraines are Magnesium deficient. Actually a quick search of the web gives you numerous articles saying pretty much the same thing here[2], here[3] and here[4]. Anywho, I hadn’t realized until fairly recently and lucky me (note: sarcasm) got to test out the theory recently.

 So how did I use it? The best course of action is to use/take Magnesium every day and build up your levels. After all prevention is always better than cure. Once study even found that taking regular magnesium reduced the frequency of migraines by 41.6%[5]

Unfortunately I’m not always good at that and tend to go in waves of applying everyday and the forgetting for a few…weeks. Instead I used it as a reliever – when I felt the migraine coming on last weekend I sprayed my Magnesium Oil around my neck area (where I hold my tension) and rubbed that in. Then I sprayed a couple of times onto my hands and rubbed that into my temple and sinus area (my sinuses seem to dislike me no matter how nice I am to them and they have been known to cause me headaches too). Now be warned – if you aren’t used to applying oil it can tingle…. And if you have sensitive skin on your face it can really tingle so if unsure go lightly or dilute with some filtered water before applying and work you way up.

I then put myself to bed* and after 3 hours or so woke up. Was my headache gone completely? No, definitely not. But instead of waking up to a head that literally feels like it is splitting and eyes that cannot handle the light coming in around the blinds I woke up to a dull ache. I can deal with that.


Carly x

*Image of gorgeous bedroom included only because I wish this is what my room looked like while I tried to sleep away my migraine. Or at anytime for that matter.


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