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Keto diet – what’s all the fuss and how can Magnesium help?

Keto diet – what’s all the fuss and how can Magnesium help?

There has been a lot of media attention recently surrounding the Keto Diet, with it being named the secret to Kim Kardashians weight loss after her most recent baby.  ‘Keto’ is short for Ketosis and essentially the Keto Diet is a low carb, high fat diet which helps your body turned stored fat into energy, and hence results in rapid weight loss. 

Today I sat down with Yvonne Roizman, co-founder of Low Carb Emporium, and more importantly Keto Diet convert to talk all thing Keto and learn about her journey.

 What exactly is the ‘Keto Diet’ and why did you decide to give it a try?

Put simply the Keto diet is a way of eating where you eat high fat and low carbs. Initially it is a bit daunting to get your head around. But the theory behind this way of eating is that if your body does not have glucose to use as its energy source then your body converts to burning fat to give the body energy. Many foods that we consume trigger an insulin response in the body, for example carbs and sugar, so by eliminating or greatly reducing these foods types your body becomes ‘fat adapted’ and burns fat. Strict keto diet aims to have 20gm or less of carbs per day and a Low Carb High Fat diet(LCHF) the grams per day of carbohydrate increases slightly.

 For me, I had two boys and never lost weight in between my two pregnancies (even though they were 2.5 years apart!), and I was feeling tired, run down and lacked energy. I had heard about the LCHF diet through a cooking Facebook group that I belong to. I did a lot, and I mean a lot of research and the data and scientific studies that I was reading just made sense. I thought that I had nothing to lose by try this diet as nothing else had really worked for me in the past.

 From what I’ve heard a lot of people find the initial transition difficult?

I’m not going to lie, the initial phase can be rough. Your body is basically detoxing from all the rubbish that we have put into it for so long. It is referred to as the “Keto flu”, and you feel lousy! But there are some ways to assist getting through this phase, like fluids, broths and especially looking at your electrolytes, like magnesium, potassium and sodium. I remember one time when Jack (my husband and fellow co-founder) was experiencing the Keto flu, he wanted me to take him to the doctor to get checked out, but we knew what to look out for, how to feel better and knew that it would pass. The other part that has been tricky, is that I used to like ‘cheat meals’, but now when I do, and go back to eating Keto, I have the keto flu again and feel awful. So, it really is a way of eating not just a diet.

 How quick did the weight come off?

My weight came off pretty quickly. I can’t remember exactly, but I lost about 20kg within 4 months.

 Has it been easy to maintain?

I have now been maintaining my weight loss for about a year and a half without any issues. The other big part to this way of eating for me is the increase in my energy levels and also mental clarity. I just feel better and that is huge for me.

 Any tips or tricks for people out there wanting to try the Keto way of life?

I think that anyone embarking on any new way of eating needs to do their research. There are so many tools out there, you just have to look and ask for help. This way of eating is controversial still, but is slowly becoming more accepted, so having the right support team around you is paramount. Jack did not start with me at the beginning but joined me later and I am slowly getting my children onto this way of eating. I also have a supportive GP, who does regular blood tests. Especially if you have any medical issues, this should be done in conjunction with medical guidance, and there are GPS, dieticians and specialists who advocate this way of eating.

With eating Keto, you need to change your mind set. If you see this as a diet, I don’t believe that it will work. It really is a lifestyle change (just like deciding to go onto a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle) and people need to understand that before considering embarking on this path.

You stock our Magnesium Oil on your site, how has it helped you in your Keto journey?

Magnesium supplementation is a key part our electrolyte "top-me-up"... something that is key for people following a keto diet. I had used The Base Collective Magnesium Oil before starting Low Carb Emporium, so it was a natural fit for us to carry for our customers. 

What Is your vision for Low Carb emporium?

Wow, I’m not sure even where to being with this one. If you asked my 5 year old son, he would say to send Keto food to people all around the world, and maybe he will take over one day and offer that!

But for me, the Low Carb Emporium has changed my life and my family. We work together and enjoy spending time together, whether working or playing. So I hope that the Emporium can continue to support and encourage my family. I see Low Carb Emporium being the biggest and best one stop shop for low carb products, that allows people all over Australia and New Zealand to have more access to healthy food, including sugar-free products. I see it supporting the local economy by supporting small home manufactures to bring their products to the market place.

Head over to Low Carb Emporium to learn more about the Keto Diet, Yvonne and Jacks journey and to find an ever expanding range of healthy and sugar free products. 

 Cassie & Carly

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