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How to use your Magnesium Oil

How to use your Magnesium Oil

One of the most common questions we get asked is "how do I use Magnesium Oil?". And really the answer is pretty simple - however you like.

You see, that is one of the benefits of using a topical supplement (aside from more effective absorption by the body and avoiding the side effect usually linked to Magnesium supplements of course!) - you can tailor its application to suit your symptoms or lifestyle.

 So in this post we're going to cover the many ways you can apply your Magnesium Oil as well as a few other questions we get a lot.

Let's start with the basics....

1. Is it really 'oily'?

Actually no, it's not oily at all. Our Magnesium Oil doesn't have an oil base. (Nor do most). It's really just the terminology. When you first spray it on and start to rub it in there is a texture to it but once rubbed in there is no oily residue at all. And we should add - Magnesium Oil and Magnesium Spray tend to be the same thing!


2. Does it leave a residue?

Our Oil doesn't. There are no streaks, no chalky marks. So you can get dressed as soon as you have rubbed it in and it won't stain.


3. How do I apply Magnesium Oil?

It really is easy. You simply spray it onto your skin, rub it in and you are done! It is worth noting that when you start to use it you may notice a tingling sensation. This is totally normal (and is often indicative of Magnesium deficiency). If you are particularly sensitive we recommend applying a moisturiser before spraying on the Magnesium Oil and also starting with just 1-2 sprays to work up a tolerance. 


4. What exactly does it help with?

We might let an image do the talking here...



5. What about your Magnesium Salts or Magnesium Body Balm ?

We love our Bath Salts and Body Balm and while we may be biased, we do think they are pretty great. But they do serve a different purpose to our Magnesium Oil. So what is the difference?

Magnesium Bath Salts are a fabulous way to get a good dose of Magnesium while adding the extra relaxation you get by spending 20minutes in a warm bath. But realistically you are unlikely to be able to soak away for 20 minutes each day to consistently increase you Mg levels, so we like to think of our Salts as an extra top up. 

Our Magnesium Body Balm is a very nourishing moisturiser with the added benefit of a small dose of Magnesium. It is great after a work out to help sooth your muscles and soften the skin at the same time. 

And the Magnesium Oil? Well this is our therapeutic option. If you want to replace your Magnesium tablets or want to see if Magnesium can help conditions such as Migraines or Fibromyalgia then this is the product for you.



Now onto how to use it to best help you and your body.


6. For Headaches & Migraines

For symptom relief apply your Magnesium Oil to your neck and shoulders and a little on your temples using your finger tips.

For prevention you are best to apply daily. This can be targeted on the neck/shoulder area or general application anywhere as an increase in your overall Magnesium levels is key to prevention.


7.  For Sleeplessness

You have a couple of options here. General daily application (wherever you like on your body) will build up your Magnesium levels which, in turn, should aid your ability to get a good nights sleep.

For a targeted approach, apply your Magnesium Oil to your lower legs and soles of your feet 20 minutes before bed.


8. For relief of discomfort or pain

Apply your Magnesium Oil to where it hurts. If you have a sore back - spray and rub onto that area. If you have aching  or cramping legs - apply and rub into your legs.


9. General use

For daily (non-targeted) use as a Magnesium supplement we recommend a couple of sprays onto your stomach morning and night. This is also the perfect application spot to help with sugar cravings. 


10. For Period Pain

Depending on where the pain in, apply your Magnesium Oil either to the lower abdominal area or lower back. You cannot overdose when using Magnesium transdermally so feel free to apply morning and night or as required.



And finally it is really important to remember, while Magnesium Oil can help with symptomatic relief, you will always get the best results if you use your Magnesium regularly to build up your levels. This is especially important when using Magnesium to help with stress management and energy levels.



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