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How Magnesium Helped Me to Give Up Coffee

How Magnesium Helped Me to Give Up Coffee

Give up coffee. Why would you want to do that? After all, scroll through Instagram on any given morning and you are hard pressed not to see at least one "But first coffee" type post. 

Well if I'm really honest I was simply drinking way too much (maybe or maybe not up to 5 cups a day....seriously. And yes I have put this in brackets to hide my coffee stained shame.)To preface (justify?!) my habit,  I do have a 9 month old who has been suffering from terrible ear infections which basically equates to zero sleep and far too many hours in the day to get through.

But in all seriousness I wanted to give up / cut back as I felt it may have be having a genuine impact on my well being. Specifically on how my body was absorbing vitamins and nutrients.  It is well documented that caffeine can seriously inhibit iron absorption and while this may be my own theory, I tend to feel that it impacts how my body absorbs other vitamins as well. Coffee does give me that instant lift, but the crash on the other side was just getting a bit much.

The Nitty Gritty.  How did I do it and how did Magnesium help?

The first step for me was replacing my coffees with something else. My choices ranged from herbal teas to chai and of course my fav tumeric lattes. The substitution method worked really well until I got to 3pm on day one and had a cracker of a headache. The woodpecker in my skull kind that make you want to curl up under the doona and sleep the afternoon away.

Anyway... with 3 kids and husband at work hiding out in bed wasn't an option.  Now normally I'd reach for the Panadol, but I have been trying to give my liver a rest (Panadol is metabolised by the liver) so instead went with the natural option. Magnesium. So I sprayed some Magnesium Oil on the nape of my neck and it definitely helped - a lot! I went from being not able to function to just having a dull ache and being able to suck it up till my husband got home and could give me a break. 

By 8pm I was exhausted, but kids were down so popped myself into the bath for a  Magnesium Soak , and followed by lathering myself in our Magnesium Balm.  

Next morning I woke refreshed and I felt like the fog had lifted. I didn't crave that coffee. After that, I kept using the Magnesium Oil at around lunchtime to avoid the 3pm headache cluster.

So two weeks on how am I going? Well I have actually reintroduced coffee - but this time it is on my terms. I'm only drinking it because I enjoy it and have stopped reaching for it as my survival mechanism. Instead of having a coffee with every meal or, even worse, having a coffee instead of food, I have it mid morning, around 2 hours after my breakfast  and not followed by any food for another 2 hours. This is something I learnt from a health retreat I went on a couple years ago and essentially it's to avoid it inhibiting any vitamin or mineral absorption.


Cass x


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