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Chocolate Cravings? We may have the solution...

Chocolate Cravings? We may have the solution...



You know the cravings we mean. The ones that hit when its time to pick the kids up or you've been back from your lunch break and the clock just wont go fast enough. All of a sudden you find yourself scrounging for anything chocolate to just get you through. Or you've finally got the kids down, sat down to watch your favourite show on telly and just really needsome chocolate. Yep we feel your pain.  Weve all definitely been there.

One of the reasons you could be craving chocolate is that your body may actually be deficient in Magnesium.  Now this could work in your favour  - after all, Chocolate can be a good source of Magnesium – but only if you pick the 80% Dark Chocolate kind. And, unfortunately, the reality is we often don’t. So instead of getting a little dose of Mg goodness, we get a big dose of sugar via the kids left over lolly bag from the weekend or a Kit Kat (or two!) and start the whole craving circle off again.

Sound familiar?

Well there could be quite an easy answer that doesn't involve superman level willpower. By simply introducing our Magnesium Oil and / or Magnesium Balm into your daily routine it can really help to raise your Magnesium Levels and in turn combat those 3pm / the kids are driving you nuts / you are just plain exhausted chocolate cravings.

Or if you want to double up on the benefits of Magnesium, why not treat yourself to one of these delicious dark chocolate or cacao based varieties and also soak the night away in a Magnesium Bath? Best of both worlds really….


The Rawsome Vegan Life – Super Food Chocolate

One Green Planet – Raw Chocolate Cake

Unconventional Baker – Magnesium Rich Chocolate Bars

Raw Chocolate - Chocolate Range

Pana Chocolate – Raw Chocolate Range


 (Heart chocolate image via The Rawsome Vegan Life)

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