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Just because we are self-isolating doesn't mean we have to be alone. Connecting with others is so important for our mental health and sorry, social media doesn't count. Thanks to technology, we can easily keep in contact with friends and eat lunch, drink wine, or even work out together while actually separated. Apps like HouseParty or Zoom (they can be downloaded on both laptop or mobile) make this possible - and no one will even judge you if you stay in your trackies. Maybe.



Make use of what you've got in your house already and follow a makeup tutorial on YouTube or style new outfits using pieces from your wardrobe and taking photos of each outfit. It may be the last thing we feel like doing, considering some of us are working from home or have lost jobs, but it's a great time to explore some self-creativity without having to spend a cent. Plus, it gives you time to practice the perfect look for your out-of-isolation-debut.



For those who want a safe space to practice their painting skills, dig out or buy some paints and visit the Bob Ross channel on YouTube. There's nothing more relaxing than picking up a paintbrush and listening to him speak, and you'll even learn some little life lessons along the way such as - "We don't make mistakes, just happy little accidents."

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